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the ultimate resource for Tomb Raider level builders! On this site you can find many custom outfits, objects, textures, wads and more for use with TRLE. You can also find many tutorials, instructions and faqs about how to use the Tomb Raider Level Editor. All you need to start building your own Tomb Raider levels using the Tomb Raider Level Editor!

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Objects Horus Wraith

Horus Wraith

by 911

This is the wraith I used in The Cursed Conundrum. It acts exactly like an air wraith from TR4, it j...

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Outfits Classic black top

Classic black top

by 911

This is a classic outfit with a black top. It was inspired by an outfit Lara Croft wears in some top...

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Objects Manor Arches

Manor Arches

by Trangel

Here are some updated manor object There are from an upcoming project I'm working on. I'm develop...

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Wads Lara's Home WAD

Lara's Home WAD

by ggctuk2005

WAD ripped from TR3 and TR2 Lara's Home. With objects in the right slots and sounds included, as we...

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Outfits The Punisher

The Punisher

by Devoid

All new body thin legs new jacket New Assualt shotgun M79 granade gun. The one gun animation fix plu...

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Outfits Silk Tie Pant

Silk Tie Pant

by deskj

Lara wearing a shirt and white pants with shine effect. I did this outfit in a month :P. All texture...

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Outfits Summer Time 2

Summer Time 2

by deskj

Another Version of my Summer Time Outfit ^^. Pistols like Aod [weapons-joints from Mrniceguy (excuse...

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Objects Venice Door (Openable)

Venice Door (Openable)


I present to you: Openable Venice Door. I needed to Rip the door from TR2 Venice Wad, change game s...

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