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Urban Fashion- Diesel by White Tiger

This is my 11th outfit & 9th available on net. I have built this outfit for about 2 months. I have really given my best on it. She wares everything from my favorite trademark Diesel. This outfit has 3d lips and 3d eyes. I hope you like how it looks with new trendy hairstyle. Again, head is much better if we compare it with outfit before (that is Fancy Fashion).Mostly I have spent my time on head and hands again. I have really given my best to avoid bugs, make it enough original and make it usable for its purpose (and it’s for city, home and castle levels). I have build this outfit on resolution; 1156x864 and higher. Credits goes to (a-z): Danilo for beautiful lips, MrNiceGuy for guns and Bag, Bjork, Franzi(C/Y), Laralives, Michiel, Phms, Trinity and Zolee for little advices… (I hope I didn’t forget someone). Hope you like this outfit. Enjoy and please review this outfit, I’m begging you :) PLEASE!!!!

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25 Dec 2006

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