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WAD Editors

Fexanim 1.9 by Turbo Pascal
FexInspect 1.1 by Turbo Pascal
FexInspectSK by Turbo Pascal and Skateboard Kid
Fexmerger 1.2 rev 2.5 by Turbo Pascal
MAC Wad Tools by Maxx
Meshtree Editor by sapper
PixStr 2.2 Rev 4 by Raider Croft and sapper
ReStrText 2.01 by Qunai
StrPix 3.9.5 Revision 17 by Turbo Pascal and sapper
SWD Edit 1.03 by champ
TR Wad Analyser by Josep Borrut
TRLE SFX Edit 1.0 by Michiel
TRW Editor by sapper
WADMerger 1.95 Beta by Michiel

Texture Editors

Project Tools

PRJ Lighter 1.1 by Michiel
PRJMerge 1.1 by Aktrekker
TRFix by Aktrekker

Level Editors

FloorEdit 3.1 by Michiel
FontEdit 1.0 by Michiel
Meta2tr v7a by meta2tr
TR2Prj 2.24 by Aktrekker


CDAudio.wad player 2.0 by Turbo Pascal
Visual Basic 5 Runtime by Microsoft
Visual Basic 6 Runtime by Microsoft


Sound Jack 0.2 by Stefan Schneider


Cutseq File Format by sapper
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