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Tomb Raider Chronicles Lara Sounds by stranger1992

Fully working and compatible TRC Lara sounds now on TRSE!!!! Finaly! I have been searching for these so i am pleased to bring them to you.

To use, you must change the sounds.txt. I have included the entries appropriate for the sounds though you may change them accordingly if you suffice. Also you need to replace Animation 42 because lara makes 2 grunt sounds in Tr4 and only 1 in TRC so I changed that animation's Anim Commands ever so slightly to match.



Stranger1992- renamed the samples, converted them and wrote the sounds.txt entries for them.

Fluen-Ripping the sounds and filtering through to find the lara sounds.

Soundjack-Program used to rip them.

Audacity- Program used to convert them

Enjoy. :D

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01 Mar 2008

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