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Object Settings

On this page you can find a lot of ocb codes for objects in the Tomb Raider level editor. In order to understand this document, please read these instructions. Objects are sorted into groups. Each object has it\'s own frame. The name is listed in bold. Some objects have multiple slots. If these work the same, the number is replaced by x. Sometimes multiple names are shown. This means these objects must be combined or they work the same.
Below the name are, if available, instructions listed in italic. Below the instructions are the possible ocb codes. Codes in normal font are the base code. You can only use one of these codes. Codes in italic font must be added to the base code. You can use more of these codes by adding the all values to the base code.


5 - Slide down rope. Trigger dropping rope on same sector.


Laser that is always on. Small means the size of each laser column is smaller

1 - Small green laser, always visible, not deadly
513 - Small red laser, always visible, deadly
514 - Red laser, always visible, deadly
770 - Only visible with IR view on headset, deadly


Laser that turns on and off in a constant pattern. Needs IR or steam to view

0 - starting frame, deadly


400 - Explode on pickup (combine with suitcase)
1900 - Explode when shot


This is only the light effect, must place a mesh to see the alarm itself

31 - Red alarm
992 - Green alarm


111 - Steam escapes to side


0 - Big lever switch
2 - Reach in hole switch
3 - Large push button
4 - Small lever switch
5 - Small push button
6 - Valve wheel


-1 - Drop down from ceiling on trigger
0 - Become visible on trigger


0 - Normal
3 - Throwing stones at Lara


0 - Normal
4 - Sleeping, wakes by running close to him and activated heavy trigger
6 - Talking to other guard


This slot has 2 enemies in it. They both activate heavy trigger on death.

0 - Hammer guy
1 - Laser sword guy
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