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Manor Arches by Trangel

Here are some updated manor object
There are from an upcoming project I'm working on.
I'm developing a fully functional manor that anyone can use for their levels
if they want to include a manor level in their projects

I was gonna wait to release the objects but I've hit a snag so i just gonna release objects as the project continues.
some of the objects have been release so far, manor curtains, couches, etc.

the best part about these arches, they go along with previously released manor objects I've released years back.

please enjoy and give credit if you use them.

Because these objects are high in detail they will not work with the original editor unless Trep is used.
but they work great in the new Tomb Engine

Object Type

Object Type
Building / Static


File Format

TR Version
Tomb Raider Legend / LAU Trilogy / Tomb Raider Anniversary

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