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Fancy Werner Von Croy by 911

This is the original Werner Von Croy model from TR4. I call it fancy because he's wearing his nice suit. I just used the 3D model in the VONCROY slot so you can have a different Werner leading Lara Croft in your level. The original one had his adventure and backpack outfit while this one is more of a business suit outfit.

I made this for my "Cursed Conundrum" level set that I am working on and decided to release the object before the level set because I am taking forever to build the adventure !

In this version, Werner doesn't have a knife, he hits enemies with his cane which I think is funny. He does put it away when he doesn't need it. It kinds of disappear into thin air but he doesn't carry any bag so...

This file contains VONCROY, Meshswap1 and an animating for your cutscenes. The animating is filled with walking, standing and talking animations for your cutscenes or other needs. You'll have to refer to a tutorial to use the VonCroy object correctly as it has a specific set up and can be tricky !

Credits for the original object and animations go to Core Design

I hope you'll find it usefull !


Object Type

Object Type
Animating / Cutscene / Civilian / Human / Friend


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TR Version
Tomb Raider The Last Revelation / Tomb Raider Classic

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