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Greece Object Pack by dual.pistols

Assortment of Greek-styled objects. Meshes and textures have been exported from TRA and tweaked by me to work with TRLE.

Feel free to retexture for your levels if required, but please credit me and Crystal Dynamics.

Statics included:
2x pillars
1x floor accent (not pictured)
1x edging for hanging floor
1x doorway arch (including two invisible collision objects for pillars)
1x frame/accent for lever

Moveables included:
1x gate
1x lever

Objects were made with TEN in mind but should work fine in TRNG.

The file is in .wad2 format, however game version is set for TR4 for convenience.

Object Type

Object Type
Doors & switches / Building / Static

Historical / Remake

File Format

TR Version
Tomb Raider Anniversary / LAU Trilogy

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