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TR1 Croft Manor Suit of Armour updated by GeckoKid

I wanted to create a suit of armour that wouldn't look out of place in a classic TR style Croft Manor, and the ones in TR1 and TR2 are so bad they replaced it in TR3! I have split the legs and fixed the distorted textures across its chest, and in general rounded it up a little.

There are two objects in the wad, one in the animating slot that is shiny, and one in the static slot that isn't. They both use dynamic lighting but who doesn't nowadays?

Object Type

Object Type
Animating / Furniture / Static

Historical / Normal

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TR Version
Tomb Raider 1 / Tomb Raider Classic / Tomb Raider 2 / Tomb Raider 3 / Tomb Raider The Last Revelation / Tomb Raider Chronicles

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14 Sep 2022

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