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France All Textures and WAD Faces 2x AI Upscaled by jonson

- Various textures from the TR3 The Lost Artefact France levels 2x AI upscaled with ESRGAN (Madhouse + Reunion).
- I also ripped the WAD from the original TR3 Gold France levels with WADMerger and applied the same upscaling.
- Resulting texture size is 128x128. Textures with transparency have been upscaled as well by separating the solid and the magenta shape, then upscale independently from each other and recombine afterwards.

- The WAD in this package was ripped with WADMerger from TR3 Gold and has only a storage function. It cannot be used to create working TR4 levels directly.
- The statics you can use directly in TR4.
- For the movables it depends strongly on the type. Because of the ripping they are all in default TR4 slots, which are apparently not applicable for a working TR4 level.
- WADMerger: To copy a movable into your WAD press Shift, then click on the '<< Copy' button in WADMerger and select the most appropriate slot.
- WADTool: You can use the 'Add object to different slot' button in the lower right corner and select the most appropriate slot.
- I think this might work well for doors, trapdoors, keys, keyholes, puzzles, puzzleholes, pushables, bridges. You need to test.
- For more complex movables like enemies, it is much more complicated. These you can not copy directly and use other tools instead to make them work...

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