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Metal pipes by Nina Croft

Another set of objects I created for Dark City Part 2, but they won't be used in that game.

This time, there are nine objects in total, all pipes. You can create all kinds of shapes with these pipes. All are 1 block high/wide/long. They fit perfectly with geometry and are all placed at the center of the square/block.
You can use them as decoration.
You can use them with horizontal and vertical burners (flame emitters) to create traps.
You can also use them with steam emitters and darts to create traps.
You can use them with small waterfalls to create streams of water (leaking pipe).
You can even combine them with cog switches or wall buttons!
You can use them as obstacles as well (excellent collision!)
Lara can crawl under these pipes, too.

Enjoy and happy building!

Nine static objects in total:
1 horizontal pipe
1 vertical pipe
3 corner pipes (bent)
4 T-shaped pipes, horizontal and vertical

ALL have dynamic lighting. This means that you just have to place them in your room, and they will assume the lighting of the room automatically. In my screenshots, the room ambient lighting was 48 for all three values. These objects react greatly to Lara's flares, flames (flame emitters and Lara's torch).

NO SHINE is applied to these objects! If you want to add shine to them, use StrPix and add any shine you want.

All textures on these objects are taken from BtB Steampunk WAD.
Please credit me if you use these objects, and credit also the authors of BtB Steampunk if you use these objects with these textures.
You can retexture these objects if you want.

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Object Type
Furniture / Static / Other

Fantasy / HighTech / Lab / Military / Normal / Space / Steampunk

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