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Wooden beams, banisters and stairs STATICS SET by Nina Croft

The WAD contains eleven static objects:
- two steep banisters
- three horizontal banisters (to fit better to avoid seams or overlaps)
- one tall wooden pillar
- one short wooden pillar
- horizontal beam (variant 1)
- horizontal beam (variant 2)
- wooden platform (to be used with bridge_flat animated object)
- steep wooden platform (to be used with bridge_tilt2 animated object)

These objects can be used both outdoors (for wooden terraces, platforms etc.) or indoors (as support beams and pillars for warehouses, cellars etc.)
They can also be combined with my wooden fence + wooden crowbar door in another WAD I uploaded here. I used the same texture for these objects as well.
Lighting is dynamic, no need to set RGB values in the Roomedit, the objects will automatically assume the ambient lighting of the room.
The collision is adjusted normally, which means that only steep wooden banisters have a bit larger collision than their actual size. All other objects have a working and nicely adjusted collision. Please use WAD merger to import these objects into your WAD.

Retexture as you wish, and kindly give credits if you use these statics.

Object Type

Object Type
Building / Static / Furniture

Easter / Events / Carnival / Fantasy / Historical / Normal / Oriental / Remake / Summer / Seasons / Spring / Autumn / Steampunk

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TR Version
Tomb Raider 1 / Tomb Raider Classic / Tomb Raider 2 / Tomb Raider 3 / Tomb Raider The Last Revelation / Tomb Raider Chronicles

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