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CaC Lost in the Amazon WAD by Reggie

This contains all my custom made and edited objects for this project plus some objects originally from Core Design for some extra context. I'm releasing this now because with tomb5main on the way, and my Amazon remake taking a different direction. The original assets are now as good as they will get.

Please credit me if you use these.

Wad contains:

New flare pack with flare animation and flare item all matching
An MP5 working in the crossbow slot
A TR3 crowbar with matching crowbar animation
A SLINC crowbar Baddy_2 enemy (credit to Dinne for the faster behaviour)
A mutant/alien styled Setha
A TR3 green mutant (not used in the released project but working)
A range of jungle and base themed traps
Edited polerope which matches with several other pole objects in the wad
A range of raising and pushblocks modelled from Peru and India (credit Quest for the Peru block textures)
A darker sentry gun with a modified gun and laser pointer
All custom puzzle objects from the CaC level - 2 idol piece puzzles, and the 2 armoury piece puzzles
Custom key items including a reusable key card in Key Item 12
Retexured switches including level switch, crowbar switch and big yellow striped push switch
A range of doors including a breakable wall which fits seamlessly with TR3 India and Scotland brick textures (remember to use the animation for breaking down walls)
Two kickable walls
Wooden bridge tile objects as steps
Syphon Filter styled weapons chest (Sarcophagus slot activated with 'suitcase' animation)
Black binoculars and compass in TR3 style
HD Passport icons
A flying parrot
An Area 51 Atlantean incubator
Floating water debris
Floating water mine (shatter slot, activated with explode on contact)
Tree toppers for tree trunks made from geometry
Golden mouse
Flame thrower guy in black outfit
Desk with Metal Gear Solid 1 textures and TR2 laptop
White forklift
Forced Square font
High res flame and bubble sprites
TR3 style blood sprite
Floor padlock for trapdoors
TNT boxes which can explode on contact

Object Type

HighTech / Lab / Military / Normal / Summer / Seasons / Spring

File Format

TR Version
Tomb Raider 3 / Tomb Raider Classic / Tomb Raider The Last Revelation

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18 Apr 2020

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