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Sideways Ladder Dismounting (TRNG) by Krystian

Important Update 8th Apr 2020: Fixed previous importing issue with WadTool

Lara is climbing on a ladder and needs to dismount on a platform or floor thats to the left or right of said ladder. A common situation in Classic TR and many custom levels, isn't it? But what's always bugged me is that it involves dropping onto this platform. Lara lands on the edge and is instantly moved onto the platform in a jerky way. What a disaster! Oh, if only there was a solution...

THIS CHANGES NOW! Krys' TRLE Works inc. brings you a new product that will satisfy your ladder dismounting needs! Don't believe us? Check out the video! Comes with 2 new animations for the both the left side and right! Using WADmerger for your wad managing? Or have you made the switch and are using the new WadTool? Either way, we've got you covered! Suitable animation files for both programs are included, along with necessary TRNG scripts. Also contains extra instructions to set up a rotating camera effect that will put the cherry on top. A clear guide on setting up the animations makes our product foolproof*! The old days of dropping off ladders are gone for good! Everyone rejoice! Some restrictions may apply (TRNG only)
*not factually verified

Jokes aside, the animations should be simple enough to set up. The versions with the camera effect are just slightly more involved, but very much worth it imo. Credit would be highly appreciated. Thanks for downloading and happy raiding! ;)

A set of animations to enable dismounting on sideways platforms when Lara is just hovering above them.

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05 Apr 2020

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