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New run animation by Joey Quint

Version 2017:
Big update: the speed of the animation is back to normal. No more slow acceleration, jumps work just like with classic Lara.
Additionnal transitions are provided. I really advise using them because they make Lara more responsive (ie. she reacts more quickly when a key press or release is performed), but you can choose not to include them if you don't want them for some reason.

Version 2014:
TR6? TR7/A? TR8? TR9? LCGOL or LCTOO? No no no... This time I didn't try to remake an animation. I just wanted it to look natural. And it's a little bit slower than the original animation (...when you look at it... but the speed is the same as the original actually). You can check how it looks here: And here:
Please tell me if there's something that doesn't work or if I forgot something... We're never 100% sure that we make correct work... =p

Please read the instruction files! (you'll find some cookies)

The video is for the 2014 version (slow). The download includes the 2017 version (normal speed). For more videos just open the "Videos.txt" file.

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