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Greek Architecture objects by savalia

Greek Objects April 07, 2012

List: all static objects
Heavy Column - useful for exterior structures
Ionic column - structures and decoration
Greek vase - black & clay coloring
Shrine - slight bell shape on the shrine, 8 columns on the outer
step, two steps with flat roof with a visible interior.

The shrine was intended to be used so that something (like a key or a puzzle piece) could be placed inside as Lara would be able to enter and recover the object. I have yet to figure out how to set up the collision so that Lara does not walk through any part of the shrine while using it as intended. I'm posting it, just in case someone wants to use it or knows how to configure the in game collision to do this.

If any of these were useful, let me know, I have mqo files and some blend files for these objects. I included some in-game shots for size references.


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09 May 2012

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