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Realistic Sprite + Sky (thanks to Horus-Goddess, Silent Viper, illyane) by Level NextGen

As I was amazed by a video of a 3D fire and some smokes builded in Blender, I decided to make the Lara's world coming more
realistic in the "sprite side"! Actually, objects become more and more detailled and realistic with HQ textures (which bug
sometime the game *whistle*) but few builders "attacked" the "sprite side". So I had my fling and make this pack. Sprite are
mostly created by me, I've included the Sprite 8 by Horus-Goddess (that i've a bit modified for a niice transition) and the 12,
13 and 14 by illyane (?! I'm not sure, I had this sprite in one of my wad extrated from an asian game may be made by illyane...
that's all I remember ^^'). Sprites 4 to 7 was a original texture released by Silent Viper that I cut for the water ring.
Credit Horus-Goddess, Silent Viper, illyane and me (Level NextGen)!
Enjoy this final release!

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06 Sep 2011

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