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HK-Super Dual Pistols by MaskedRaider

Hot, stylish and deadly.
The HK-Super are a real range of dual pistols, with high firing rate, more power than the conventional pistol, and what's more, they look just great ;)
Equipped with these babies, how can Lara go wrong?
This all new weapon includes:
- Highest polygon pistol mesh, with more detail than ever before!
- New realistic textures
- They really shine in the light!
- New double-pistol inventory icon
- Brand new leather holsters to go with them if you choose
- A smaller, realistic size that looks better ingame
- Useable anywhere!
All meshes and textures by me, based on Po Yu's original pistol mesh, so I thank him very much!
If you want to retexture these, then just pm me with some screens and as long as you've changed enough (i.e. not just used about three blank textures) then you can do what you want!
Enjoy, please review so when the whole outfit is released I can have them perfect.

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01 Apr 2008

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