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The New Era - The Matter at Hand by MrNiceGuy

Now, after lots of work, and not to mention remapping, the second installment of The New Era is now complete! After the release of the first part, I started to wonder what would be the most useful for the creators of outfits and levels. The answer didn't take long to figure out: The hands. Let's face it: Most people have no idea which ones to use. They are available in different varieties, from the blocky TR4 hands, to the jointless 3D hands favoured by most lazy creators. Why lazy? The thing is, making hands require a lot more work than it may seem at first. Naturally, hands have their shape and proportions that need to be taken into account, but the most time-taking process would be the remapping. People hate to remap! It's boring, hard, and one mistake ruins it all. There are many ways to ease remapping, my favourites are noting down the numbers, or having an extra Strpix window to compare with, so I can check up at all times. However, not many people use these methods. They use an easier, cheaper way: they remove the joints. Simple and mostly fine, it's not hard to see why. But still, something is missing. A strong connection! We should use what we have (the TRLE engine is weak) and that's what The New Era is all about: Using what we have in the best possible way! So, I present for you The Matter at Hand! I've spent lots of time remaking the weapons to match the "high-poly" versions in the inventory, using the best hands available (my own :P). To keep the WAD as the resource WAD it is, I've only used the original textures, so you can make your own to give it a more personal look (nails are recommended!). The weapons should be ready to use with almost any outfit without having to change anything, and the Back to Basics outfit is included if you wish to start working with the WAD.

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21 Jan 2005

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