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maxomarks review

Original It does stand out from other animations, but it just make for a good animation if anyone wants to replace the defualt standing animation. 6/10 Quality: It is quite a good animation. It reminds me of the AOD stand animation, with a little hint the the legend stand animation. Theres no glitchy frames or nothing wrong with it, apart that it needs to be slowed down a bit. 7/10 Useable: It was easy to use, and it looks good in-game as well. It does stand out from the rest of the animations, but apart from that, theres nothing wrong with it. When I drawen the guns and fired them, there was no glitchy going ons with the animation. 7/10 Overall Score: It mixes well with the drawing and firing the guns, but that is the only thing. I would say that it should be made a bit slower which will make it look more real and better blending with the rest of the animations. What I would also like to see is Lara looking around like in Legend, but keeping this standing animation. This would make the animation stand out even more. Overall Score: 7/10 [i]Edited by maxomark[/i]

(05 Sep 2007 16:31)
Showing 1 to 1 of 1 reviews
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