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Crowbar door + Fence by Nina Croft

The WAD contains three items:
- wooden fence (static) - 5 clicks high, with working collision (cannot be jumped over)
- wooden fence as a crowbar door - 5 clicks high, looks like the static wooden fence, but it has a latch and hinges to indicate that it's a door. The latch seems to be rusty and stuck, therefore, a crowbar is needed to break it open.
- a small static object which can be placed to the left of the wooden fence, to act as a lock. It is not necessary, though, it depends on the room geometry. It can be placed both on a wall (geometry) or on the static wooden fence from this WAD.

Lighting is dynamic (no adjustment of RGB values for the objects necessary, the objects will automatically assume the ambient lighting of the room)
Shine in StrPix is applied only to metal parts of the crowbar door (hinges and latch, and the small static object which functions as the lock. The wooden parts of the fence and door have no shine.

Feel free to use and retexture this object as you wish. Kindly provide credits, please.

NOTE: Type 2 in the OCB window in the Editor for the door to open it with the crowbar item!
ALSO: Pay attention to the orientation of the door! It does not have to be placed on a portal to work properly, but it has to be oriented correctly! It opens like the crowbar door from Cleopatra's Palaces wad (Lara breaks the latch on the left and the door swings open to the right). The collision box is on the side which does not have the latch and it can only be opened from the side with the latch.

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Doors & switches / Furniture / Static

Historical / Normal

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Tomb Raider The Last Revelation / Tomb Raider Classic / Tomb Raider Chronicles

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