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Power Crystal COMBO PUZZLE (five colors) by Nina Croft

This is 2-part puzzle. Find and combine two pieces of a power crystal and place it on the stand to activate something.

The object can be easily combined with the original TR4 light beams, to create an illusion of light refraction through the crystal.
It can be combined with electric arches and other effects.

The same puzzle is available in five different colors: blue, green, amber (yellow), red and pink. It will work normally if Puzzle Hole is placed diagonally (in the corner of a block).

The lighting is dynamic, which means you don't have to adjust RGB values in the Editor for the objects, they will all assume the ambient lighting in that room. Collision works well. Use Wad Merger to import the objects into your Wad, please.

All objects (except for light beams) are set to "shining" 10 or 15 in StrPix. You can reduce the shine or remove it entirely if you want.

Kindly give proper credits when using these puzzle objects.

This is the first puzzle object I created in Meta, I spent two days working on this combo puzzle, feel free to use and retexture if you don't like the textures I used. Enjoy raiding through TRLE

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