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Cate Archer - Winter by MrNiceGuy

The third outfit in the Cate Archer outfit collection is the winter outfit. It’s an orange, fuzzy coat with white boots, collar and gloves. She’s also wearing a turquoise sweater and a cute orange hat. The outfit uses heavily modified meshes and textures from NOLF, and Poison Ivy’s amazing skirt mesh, which folds like real fabric! Thank you for making it, it made this outfit so much better! The coat isn’t perfect, but I did my best in making it TRLE compatible. I hope you’ll like it, it took a long time to get the textures right (and they’re still not entirely perfect)! Still wondering how Cate manages to stay warm in such an open outfit though… :P NOTE: This is an old outfit; created some months ago, but has remained unreleased due to some issues making a new stretch mesh to make the coat better, plus various projects going on. I decided I’d release it now, though, so I hope you’ll like it!

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23 Feb 2006

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