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Download Demo (Mirror)

Object Settings
On this page you can find a lot of ocb codes for objects in the Tomb Raider level editor. In order to understand this document, please read these instructions. Objects are sorted into groups. Each object has it\'s own frame. The name is listed in bold. Some objects have multiple slots. If these work the same, the number is replaced by x. Sometimes multiple names are shown. This means these objects must be combined or they work the same. Below the name are, if available, instructions listed in italic. Below the instructions are the possible ocb codes. Codes in normal font are the base code. You can only use one of these codes. Codes in italic font must be added to the base code. You can use more of these codes by adding the all values to the base code.

Current version: Tomb Raider 4: The Last Revelation

Other versions available:
- Tomb Raider 3
- Tomb Raider 5: Chronicles

Also needs MESHSWAP2 (baddy 2) or MESHSWAP3 (baddy 1) in the wad.
0 - Normal
1 - Roll to right when triggered
2 - Jump to left when triggered
3 - Start ducked when triggered
4 - Climb up 4 clicks when triggered
10 - Unlimited uzi ammo
0 - Normal
1 - Lay down (visible) until triggered
Enter the number of beatles you want in the ocb.
1000 - Beatles come out of the floor
2000 - Beatles fall down from ceiling
4000 - The beatles start coming out slowly and the gush out.
The enemy jeep is controlled by AI_FOLLOW objects and FLIPEFFECT 30 triggers. You start with a ai_follow with ocb -2 below the jeep. Then the first point he must go to also gets ocb -2. When a ai_follow object he continues to the next one with a value that is 1 higher. The jeep does not stop by itself. To stop the enemy_jeep, press the button 2 in the ocb window and activate a flipeffect 30 trigger with a timer value that is lower then the ocb value of the ai_follow object. If you place a heavy trigger under an ai_follow object it gets activated when the jeeps gets on that sector.

Enemy jeep tutorial (Archives)
-60 - Stands still with arms crossed until triggered.
2 - Lays on ground until triggered and only starts moving when Lara is close
2 - Dies on contact with water
1 - Jumps out of ground to right
2 - Jumps out of ground to left
3 - Lies on the ground untill triggered

Von Croy
Von Croy must be controlled with AI_FOLLOW items. He will walk to the next object when the ocb of the AI_FOLLOW is lower the the value set by the last triggered FLIPEFFECT 30 trigger.

Von Croy and His AI (Archives)

The chain can contain an animated object
0 - The object pushes lara aways when it hits her.
1 - The object pushes lara aways and hurts her when it hit.
This one goes for all gun ammo.
128 - When you run out of ammo, the pickup will appear again.
All pickups
This should work for all items you can pickup.
0 - The pickup is on the floor
1 - The pickup is in a hole in the wall.
2 - The pickup is attatched to the wall (crowbar needed).
3 - The pickup is on a high pedestal
4 - The pickup is on a low pedestal.
64 - Activate a pickup trigger when picked up.
0 - Shoots Lara
1 - Invisible until triggered, after triggering the gun is broken

You must place the 3 sequence switches in the map (1 click above the floor) with the following ocb codes: 0 for SEQUENCE_SWITCH1 1 for SEQUENCE_SWITCH2 2 forSEQUENCE_SWITCH3 [i]Below each switch must be a switch trigger for itself. No other triggers needed. Place 6 SEQUENCE_DOOR1 objects in the map with ocb values of 0-5. Press the buttons 1-5 in the ocb window to activate the door. Place a trigger for the door behind it. This will close the door and reset the switches. Doors can only be opened once! The game will open a SEQUENCE_DOOR1 when all 3 switches are pressed. The first time you must press them in the order 0-1-2. This will open door 0 and resets the switches. If the first combination pushed is not 0-1-2, door 2 will open. The switches only reset after triggering the door. If the combination 0-1-2 is not pressed and door 2 has already been opened, the switches will reset themself when lara presses another combination. After the combination 0-1-2 is pressed, all other doors can be opened by their combinations:[/i] 0-1-2 opens door 0 0-2-1 opens door 1 1-0-2 opens door 2 1-2-0 opens door 3 2-0-1 opens door 4 2-1-0 opens door 5 When door 1-5 is opened the switches will only reset if the door closes. Door 0 will reset the switches when it opens.
Puzzle holes are activated if lara stands before, the player pressed action and selects the correct PUZZLE_ITEMx. With some ocb codes you can have special anims.
0 - Play lara animation when inserting the puzzle. Enter number * -1 in the obj.
999 - Disable collesion of puzzle_done object.
1024 - Play cutscene. Put cutscene ID in ocb and add 1024
0 - Door opens when triggered
1 - Combined with COG_SWITCH. Door raises on every turn of the cog and lowers itself when the cog is released.
2 - Can open with crowbar.
0 - Number of times you need to pull the rope to activate trigger.

-9 - Shoots flames upwards with very short brakes.
-3 - Shoots out flames to the side with short brakes.
-2 - Shoots out flames to the side without brakes.
-1 - Shoots flames upwards with brakes.
0 - Normal big flame
The flame emitter 2 normaly shows the flame not in the middle of the sector, but in the edge where the back side of the NULL mesh is pointing to.
0 - Normal small flame.
1 - Smaller flame.
2 - The flame moves on the floor in the direction the NULL mesh is pointing.
123 - Small flame but in middle of sector.
255 - Big flame (size of flame emitter 1), but no light and no damage
888 - Big ball of lighting that follows Lara.
When triggered, this null-mesh will generate steam. When placed in water rooms, it will make bubbles.
When placed below SHATTER or SMASH object, it will explode when triggered. When not placed below any of these objects, it will explode on contact with any flare Lara throws. Must be triggered first before it will explode using flare. Use one-shot trigger.

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