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Search Results
There were 49 results.

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Next Gen Masurao

Item 2266

Next Gen Masurao by Horus-Goddess
A new, nicer skin of my character Masurao. Now with better textures, overall proportions and joint meshes. :)
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Zylphia- Fixed

Item 3462

Zylphia- Fixed by Horus-Goddess
My original character, Zylphia
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Kurtis Trent Outfit

Item 3533

Kurtis Trent Outfit by Po Yu
Kurtis Trent with better proportion and new animations,ex: standing pose. All meshes and textures from me. Textures are made by me, from AoD textures. Whole new male body shape (wider chest, stronger arms), Every meshes are still under the 255 vertix limit. Hope you can enjoy this outfit! *please add all to your WAD.include "Lara" and dont forgot the sounds. If you use this outfit on your level, please give me a credit, thanks. If you use or modify my meshes or textures for your item, please give me a credit as well.
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Cate Archer - Casual

Item 1948

Cate Archer - Casual by MrNiceGuy
The second outfit in the Cate Archer outfit collection is the Casual outfit. Cate wears a flashy orange and green dress and orange boots.
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2nd year anniversary - Elisa 5

Item 2088

2nd year anniversary - Elisa 5 by Trinity
This is my second year anniversary outfit, and I chose it to be Elisa. It's the fifth outfit of Elisa that I have made. Elisa has >3088 polygons<. This will be my last outfit released on the TRLE SE. Al outfits I make from now on can be found here: Bonus info in the ReadMe. I hope that you will like it. Enjoy! =]
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Aki Symone'

Item 1666

Aki Symone' by Trinity
This is Aki Symone', an Agent of the Jaquan Agency. :)
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Amidala Collection: Battle Dress

Item 1683

Amidala Collection: Battle Dress by Trinity
This is Amidala's battle dress from Star wars ep 1. She was originaly hiding as a handmaiden in this outfit. I made all the meshes and all of the textures, belt texture was modifyed from a close up shot from the real Amidala outfit. Enjoy!!!! :)
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Item 1725

Esk by Trinity
This is Esk from Des blood 4. This is her first outfit, I am going to make one more after this one. This outfit is made for Rainbow. I took me more then 12 hours to create, so I hope you'll like it. All other meshes made by me. All textures from Des Blood4 (Provided by Rainbow) and modifyed by me, all other textures made by me. :) Enjoy!!!
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Masurao - City Outfit

Item 2090

Masurao - City Outfit by Horus-Goddess
My character, Masurao, from my in-progress manga, Souls Destined. ( 2004-2006 Marie Whatley, _UPDATED_: 3-11-06 w/new animations and additional info!
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Elisa 3

Item 1603

Elisa 3 by Trinity
Ahh it's good to be back, both Elisa and I. This outfit is diffrent from her others, but it still carrys her style. Elisa3 has many little details, but I'll let you download her so you can find out yourself! Enjoy!! *Link is fixed :) *
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Search Results
There were 49 results.

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