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Search Results
There were 51 results.

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Underworld DLC catsuit

Item 3429

Underworld DLC catsuit by Trangel
Okay The release that a lot of you have been waiting for. My Underworld DLC catsuit. This outfit was crafted by me. with non stop referencing the actual dlc outfit. This outfit has a few new things new holster, belt, brand new boots, and Brand new pistols. Credits Poyu for pony tail mesh and hand meshes. Now if you use this outfit please give credit to where it's due... and please review if you like what you see. Well enjoy
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Tomb Raider III London Outfit Remake

Item 2082

Tomb Raider III London Outfit Remake by Po Yu
Tomb Raider III London Outfit Remake with new backpack, holsters, shoes, head (hair), TR3 style ribbon on her ponytail, and some detaild for this outfit. I also gave her more human like body proportions and new vertex to joint for thigh, and TR III style weapons (pistols, MP5, uzi) for her! Almost textures modified from original TR3 ( but I spent a lot of time modifing they in mesh ), some textures made by me. If you want to fix holsters bug, you can check here: , download the latest version patcher, and you can see uzi and sixshooter on holsters again! About MP5, you can read ReadMe. Hope you can enjoy the remake outfit! If you use this outfit, just please give me credit, thanks. ;) Btw, this outfit also is my final TR3 outfit remake!
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Tomb Raider:Legend Catsuit

Item 3378

Tomb Raider:Legend Catsuit by tombraiderlegend2009
Made By Me. This Is My First Outfit. Meshes By Poyu. Retextured By Me.
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TR3 London Remake

Item 3521

TR3 London Remake by Horus-Goddess
This went pretty fast to my surprise lol. Only took a few days to complete! :O This outfit is a lot less detailed outfit wise since it's just a one piece suit really so, painting the textures for it took no time at all. Very simple color scheme and texture. All the same, this is and always will be my favourite of her outfits! I also feel it's my best model to date. Please read the readme attached for info on credits and installation. Thanks and happy raiding! <3
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Assasin's Catsuit

Item 1396

Assasin's Catsuit by MrNiceGuy
A latex catsuit for Lara. Includes new shining sprite, a silenced pistol, kevlar body armour, a cool gunbelt, shiny elbow joints, a hood and Night Vision Googles. Lara looks more TR3 in this outfit.
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Cate Archer - Action

Item 1888

Cate Archer - Action by MrNiceGuy
Cate Archer, the heroine of No One Lives Forever, is now available in a thoroughly remodeled version of the actual NOLF model, useable for TRLE!
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Alias #5

Item 1011

Alias #5 by TR_Nut
Lara has red hair with black roots. A red half dress comes off the right side. The shiny shirt and boots have red patterns on them.
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Early TRL Leather Outfit

Item 3252

Early TRL Leather Outfit by !Lara Croft!
Early TRL Leather Outfit. If you use this outfit in your level credit Po Yu, Sapper, Horus-Godess and myself (!Lara Croft!).
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Lara - Fetish (fixed)

Item 2672

Lara - Fetish (fixed) by Horus-Goddess
Lara in a fetish style outfit. more info ->>>
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Alysa Mullins

Item 791

Alysa Mullins by TR_Nut
The main character from a story that I've been writting. Her sci-fi suit glows in fog. Weapons include Silenced Pistols and a Glock 18 (revolver slot).
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Search Results
There were 51 results.

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