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Search Results
There were 51 results.

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TR3 Home Remake

Item 3496

TR3 Home Remake by Horus-Goddess
My remake of the TR3 Home outfit. I fixed a problem with her hip joint mesh, it no longer looks odd on the inner thigh when she climbs ladders or anything like that. The old one wasn't terrible but, it was bugging me lol. Other than that, this is basically the Nevada outfit in red. Slightly different camo pattern for this one. I tried to keep the colors similar to the original. :) Thanks for all the nice reviews I appreciate it! I'm going to remake young Lara and TR5's Russia outfit too at some point since it sounds to be in demand. ^^ Anyway, have fun and happy raiding!
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Nevada Remake

Item 3495

Nevada Remake by Horus-Goddess
And finally, after refining Lara a bit, I can continue onto more 'new' outfits. :) Nevada is one of my favorites as well, I think mostly because the levels in TR3 are some of the most memorable for me. As I was building this one I thought it looked nice as a shorts outfit also. I should also mention that the camo textures are new, though I did get the pattern from a google search. I'm not great at drawing camo so I took a shortcut. :P If you'd like the updated versions of my previous remakes you can find them here:
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Jill Valentine, Original outfit

Item 1712

Jill Valentine, Original outfit by Trinity
This is Jill Valentine from Resident Evil1 and the REmake. I tryed to get a good likeness without making it too difficult. Please read the ReadMe file for the gun credits! I hope you reveiw. Enjoy!!! :)
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Tomb Raider III Nevada Outfit Remake

Item 1929

Tomb Raider III Nevada Outfit Remake by Po Yu
Tomb Raider III Nevada Outfit with new backpack, holsters, shoes, head (hair), pants design, and some detaild for this outfit. I also gave her more human like body proportions,and TR 3 style weapons (pistols, shotgun, uzi, desert eagle) for her!Almost textures made by me, some textures modified from TRAoD. If you want to fix holsters bug, you can check here: , download the latest version patcher, and you can see uzi and desert eagle on holsters again! Hope you can enjoy the remake outfit! If you use this outfit, just please give me credit, thanks. ;)
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24 Camo pack

Item 1850

24 Camo pack by Trinity
I could not decide witch type of camo outfit looked best so I picked them all. There are 24 diffrent versions with diffrent shirts and pants. The meshes are the same for every outfit, so it wouldnt take me a long time to make, but every outfit has diffrent textures. You will be forwarded to a page that has the 24 outfit split into three diffrent files (In total all files are just 1.44 mb). I hope you reveiw, I spent allot of time on every version. Enjoy!!!
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Military Fashion

Item 1904

Military Fashion by White Tiger
This is my 6th outfit & 4th available on internet. She wears Benetton shirt, Mustang Jacked, Levi’s pants & Diesel shoes & I hope you like Lara's makeup:) I have spent MANY hours for this outfit. Name of this outfit is ‘military fashion’ but I have created this 4 city levels. Credits in Readme! Unfortunately custom weapons not included… I hope you like it! Enjoy! Please review... please...
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Green Camo

Item 3908

Green Camo by Horus-Goddess
A simple Green Camouflage outfit.
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Tomb Raider Angel of Darkness Stealth

Item 1024

Tomb Raider Angel of Darkness Stealth by MrNiceGuy
AoD Stealth Camouflage! I tried to make it as true to the AoD model as I could.
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Combat Suit Lether Jacket

Item 1019

Combat Suit Lether Jacket by Silent Viper
A combination of Camopants on a Letherjacket
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Avril Lavigne

Item 1170

Avril Lavigne by Trinity
My version of Avril Lavinge that I've been working on for a week and a half. She has a green camo shirt, black pants (pant meshs by Deskj), braclet, and a scull belt, Torn pants near her knees ect. *Outfit fixed!*
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Search Results
There were 51 results.

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