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Search Results
There were 12 results.

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Butlers Pack (Ahmet Slot)

Item 3914

Butlers Pack (Ahmet Slot) by SuiKaze Raider
Butlers pack in Ahmet slot, it contains the TR2 & TR3 Butlers. Include samples with custom names, script code files for TRGNLE and instructions for TRNGLE y TREP. If you use my objects give me credit for it, SuiKaze Raider. Last Update: May 2, 2012.
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Anaya Imanu (TR7) Guide

Item 2724

Anaya Imanu (TR7) Guide by adngel
Anaya Imanu in guide slot.
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Winston Frozen

Item 2659

Winston Frozen by mathew9r
For the first time you see a frozen winston
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Two Von Croys

Item 2094

Two Von Croys by ggctuk2005
Two replacement Von Croys.
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AOD Gym Trainer

Item 2024

AOD Gym Trainer by Johnny
It is the Gym Trainer from AOD. He takes place of Jean Yeeves. The .zip file includes objects and textures to build a boxing ring. It also includes the gym trainer's watch as a puzzle item. The .zip file also includes the dialogue between Lara and the gym trainer already converted to the correct .wav file. Enjoy, and please reveiw!
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Item 1727

2*Kurtis by Golden Dawn
Kurtis as vonCroy and Troops as Barry requested. The weapon from the troops object was made by Silent Viper(sorry that I forgott you;-) ), most of the textures and some meshes are by Blind Intentions.
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Civilian Woman 1

Item 1669

Civilian Woman 1 by Trinity
Head mesh made by me, the other meshes are made by Golden Dawn. I made all the textures and modifyed the jeans from TR6. *This civilian woman can stand around or you can make her walk somewhere in the level. Best in city levels.* More civilians will come soon, both male and female. Enjoy!! :)
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Eti Baroch

Item 1526

Eti Baroch by Golden Dawn
She's a archaeologist and a good friend of Lara, but we havn't heard much about her. She don't like it when you pay too much attention on her. (replaces von Croy)...I forgott who made her shoes, but when anyone knows, please tell me so I can credit!
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Item 1501

Ray by Golden Dawn
Ray from "I know what you did last summer" as reqested by croftgirl-fan. Works in the vorCroy slot. Chest and head by Blind Intentions, modified by me.
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Item 526

Butler by Wizzkiddo
The original Butler from TR3. He is called Winston(or butly for short). He is in the DEMIGOD slot.
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Search Results
There were 12 results.

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