TRLE Search Engine will back online with all the features (login/register/upload/review and more) by the end of March 2019. The new version will keep all the data (users and files) and will implement some improvements thanks to the suggestions that you have provided us all this time -
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Download Demo (Mirror)

- Outfits (1846 total downloads, 1 reviews)

TRU Wetsuit Blue (black stripes) - Sleeveless

TRU Wetsuit - Black Wetsuit Red Stripes

TRU Wetsuit - Black Wetsuit Pink Stripes

TRU - Black wetsuit Purple stripes

TRU Wetsuit - Black Wetsuit Teal Stripes

TRU wetsuit - Black wetsuit black and red stripes

TRU Wetsuit - Black wetsuit orange stripes

Young Lara Shorts/Jean jacket Darkshirt

Young Lara Shorts/Jean jacket White shirt

- Objects (7994 total downloads, 9 reviews)

Smashable floor and wall in ice

Falling iceblock (based on tr1\'s falling block)

TRC based falling ice block

Custom Croft manor Cabinet

Custom Croft Manor Shelves **UPDATED**

Custom Croft Manor Counter

Peruvian Pillar

Croft Manor Picture (works as a door)

TR3 Wheel switch

TR3 Valve Switch

Tomb Raider Classic Boats

Croft Manor - Wall Collumns

ceiling Lamp

Manor vase Plantless Version

Vase with Plant

Hanging lamp

4 New crates

Castle Window

New Pushable Button

New Snake

- Meshes (609 total downloads, 0 reviews)

Wood stove mesh

flashlight mesh

Unused Meshes Part 1

- Wads (1223 total downloads, 0 reviews)

Modern Paintings Wad

Paintings Wad

Plant Package

Egypt Pack

- (1850 total downloads, 1 reviews)

New Gun Animation

TRU Sliding animation

All Tomb Raider 3 lara animations

All TRC Lara animations

All Tomb Raider 3 lara animations *updated*

- (1748 total downloads, 2 reviews)

New Motorcycle/Bike sounds

Resident Evil 4 - Savegame Theme

Resident Evil 5 - 5 music Tracks

Sounds to go with classic boats.