TRLE Search Engine will back online with all the features (login/register/upload/review and more) by the end of March 2019. The new version will keep all the data (users and files) and will implement some improvements thanks to the suggestions that you have provided us all this time -
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Download Demo (Mirror)

- Objects (18265 total downloads, 36 reviews)

NG Spinosaurus (Request)

NG Laser

NG Double Laser

NG Egyptian Wall

NG New Bridges

TRU Thors Hammer

Mechanical Underworld Doors

Atlantis Obelisk & Energy Center

Anniversary Wolf V. 1.00

Legend Ghana Object Set 1

Next Generation King Arthur's Grave Object Set

Anniversary Rat

NG Triumph Bow

Classic Shotgun Renewed

Legend Bolivia Secrets

Legend England Secrets

New Manor Podest & Vase

Spooky Wood Horizons

Anniversary Manor Main Window

Original Anniversary Medi-Packs

NG Flame Thrower

Angel of Darkness Weapon Pack 1

Golden Balustrades

Excalibur Set

HQ Legend Binoculars

Tokyo Golden Dragon Statue

Tokyo Garden Lantern

Obscura Camera

Japan Bedroom Set

Underworld Harpoon Gun

HQ Static Globe

Kingdom Hearts Keyblade (Item)

Tomb Raider 3D Logo (TRU Style)

iPhone 4 White

TRNG Flamethrower Guy

Legend Tokyo Models Part 1

Assassin's Creed 2 Venice Object Pack 1

- (822 total downloads, 2 reviews)

NG Anniversary Run Animation

- Textures (3455 total downloads, 3 reviews)

Underworld Charakter Textures

Underworld Level Textures

Underworld LOAD Wallpapers

HD Counter Strike Mobile Textures

NG Venice Textures

NG Diving Area Textures


- Projects (2143 total downloads, 4 reviews)

Anniversary St. Francis Folly Columns Project

Next Generation Detonator

Anniversary Manor Box Set

- (1774 total downloads, 1 reviews)

Anniversary Menu Sounds

Anniversary Title Music

Stronghold Crusader Main Theme

- (1099 total downloads, 0 reviews)

Underworld Logo

Anniversary Logo

Angel of Darkness Logo