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Download Demo (Mirror)

- Outfits (5426 total downloads, 9 reviews)

Mod Lara Croft: Faith Connors

Classic outfit

Tr2 wetsuit

Tr3 Home

Tr3 Nevada

Classic outfit (update)


Classic Yellow

Classic Green

NG TR2 Wetsuit

NG TR3 Pacific

Faith Connors

Claire Redfield

Tomb Raider Movie

Black Casual

Egypt Outfit

NG TR3 House

NG TR3 Nevada

NG TR2 Wetsuit red

Classic White

NG TR4 Young

Lady Cheetah

Lady Zebra

NG TR1 Classic

NG TR1 N-Gage

NG TR1 Home

NG TR1 Home Short

NG TR2 Tibet

Classic Bordeaux

- Objects (14075 total downloads, 14 reviews)




Wooden pushblocks

New Motor Boat


New Shark


Blue Boat

Sun & Moon

3D Area 51 Windows

NG VCI Helmet Guard

NG Wraith 1

NG Wraith 2

NG Wraith 3

Seadoo (orange)

Seadoo (yellow)

Seadoo (grey)

I-Droid 01


Kayak (red)

Kayak (blue)

Kayak (yellow)

NG Medipacks


NG TR3 Medipacks

NG Skeleton 1

NG Skeleton 2

Static Skeletons

Pullable Skeleton

NG TR4 Egyptian Dog

NG TR4 Memcards

NG TR5 Memcards

Land Rover (green)

Land Rover (blue)


NG TR4 Mummy

Strange Plants Pack1


Medusa Head

Butterfly Fish

Clown Fish

Laser Skull

Pierrot Laser Head

NG TR4 Horseman

NG TR2 Motor Boat

please delete

NG TR4 Horse

Mermaid (brown)

Mermaid (green)

Calendar 2015

Flying Fox

Flyin Fox (black)

NG TR4 Beetles

NG TR4 Locusts

NG TR4 Senet


Pushable Small Crate

Pushable Small Table

NG TR5 Pushable Shelves

NG TR3 Pushable Scottish Crate

NG TR2 Falling Sandbag

NG TR2 Swinging Sandbag

NG TR3 Small Drill

- Textures (1468 total downloads, 1 reviews)

Crate Collection Texture Set

Some HD Catacomb Textures

Some HD Library Textures

Some HD VCI Textures