TRLE Search Engine will back online with all the features (login/register/upload/review and more) by the end of March 2019. The new version will keep all the data (users and files) and will implement some improvements thanks to the suggestions that you have provided us all this time -
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Download Demo (Mirror)

- Outfits (1673 total downloads, 5 reviews)

Violet Summer

FotC - Alaska Outfit

FotC - Athens Outfit

FotC - NL Tech Outfit

FotC - Iceland Outfit

- Wads (10970 total downloads, 5 reviews)

TRC Ireland Wad

TRC-Rome wad

TRC-Russia Wad


TRC-Title wad

ruins object set

city object set

BtB 2010 Venice Wad&Textures

Pirate themed objects

BtB 2011 Steampunk Package

- Textures (32861 total downloads, 10 reviews)

AOD - Parisian Backstreets Textures

AOD - Aquatic Research Area Textures

AOD - Bio-Research Facility Textures

AOD - The Breath of Hades + Neptune's Hall + Sanctuary of the Flame + Wrath of the Beast Textures

AOD - Tomb of the Ancients + The Hall of Seasons Textures

AOD - The Serpent Rouge Textures

AOD - Louvre Galleries Textures

AOD - The Vault of Trophies + Boaz Returns + The Lost Domain + Eckhardt's Lab Textures

AOD - The Monstrum Crime Scene Textures

AOD - Von Croy's Apartment Textures

Derelict Apartment Block

Parisian Ghetto ( Underground )

Parisian Ghetto ( St. Aicard )

Louvre Storm Drains

The Strahov Fortress

Café Metro Textures

Rennes' Pawnshop Textures

Margot Carviers Appartment

Willowtree Herbalist Textures

Bouchard's Hideout Textures

The Sanitarium Textures

Maximum Containment Area

St. Aicard's Graveyard

Back to Basics 2006 Textures

castle textures - 128x128

nature textures - 128x128

garden and greenery texture set

desert textures

snowy mountains textures

jungle textures

Versailles texture set