TRLE Search Engine will back online with all the features (login/register/upload/review and more) by the end of March 2019. The new version will keep all the data (users and files) and will implement some improvements thanks to the suggestions that you have provided us all this time -
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Download Demo (Mirror)

- Objects (18643 total downloads, 0 reviews)

Skatefish golden

Statue with knife blade Venice

Swinging box

TRC Rats

Two puzzle items from TR3 Gold Sleeping with the Fishes

Bugs from TRC 13th Floor

All Jump Switches from TR IV

All Lever Switches from TR IV

All four cog switches from TR IV

All Hole Switches from TR IV

TR 3 - India Small Push Switches

Shootable Lion Head

Torch holders

Shootable Windows

Snake Puzzles from TR3

Five Crowbar Doors

Stone puzzle from

Scarab Talisman and Golden Serpent

Shaft Keys from Tomb Raider IV Inside the Great Pyramid

Seven Keys from TR3 and TR3 Gold

Eight keys from TR3 and TR3 Gold - Part2

Oceanic mask

All horizons from TR3 and TR3 Gold

All keys from TR2 - Part I

All keys from TR2 - Part II

All underwater switches from TR3 and TR3 Gold

Heavy Stamper from TR3

TR2 Eagles


Teeth Spikes from TR The Last Revelation

- Wads (2653 total downloads, 0 reviews)

TR1 Greece Static Objects

TR1 Peru Static Objects

TR1 Egypt Static Objects

TR1 Atlantis Static Objects

TR1 Gym Static Objects