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Download Demo (Mirror)

- Outfits (400 total downloads, 2 reviews)

Masonry of the Beloved-Standard Beta

Matrix54 - Battle Arena Outfit Pack

- Objects (11153 total downloads, 10 reviews)

Spinning Orbs

TRA/TRL Fountain

AOD Sprites

Egypt Pack X - Sample Obelisk

Elemental Spirits

La Paz Columns

Foggy Horizon

Fantasy Horizon

Croft Manor Door and Frame

Scary Night Horizon

AOD Pills and Bandages

Desert Ranger Pack - Beta

Christmas Gift: Desert Ranger - Final

Static Bottles

Fire and Ice - Flame and Snow Sprites

Fire and Ice Update

Water Ripples

Small Ash Tray

Chinese Candle Puzzle

Working Tomb Raider Chronicles Bird Switch

Fallen Books and Scattered Pages

- Meshes (1439 total downloads, 3 reviews)

Fountain Mesh (TRA)

Custom Harpoon Gun Mesh

Brand Spankin New HK USP Match Mesh

New light Source Meshes

- Wads (5134 total downloads, 8 reviews)

Egypt Pack

New "Home" Objects

Stair Set

Christmas Gift: Watery Grave Static Pack

Nepal Thingys

Debris Package 1 - Updated

Debris Package 2 - Industrial, Sunken Ships + TGA

Forest WAD Collection - Forest / Camp Ground.

- Textures (11573 total downloads, 3 reviews)

South Pacific NG Textures

NG Metal VCI floos

High Quality Water Animation

New Icy Water

Full Thundra TGA - Basic, Part 1

Full Thundra TGA - Basic, Part 2

Jungle Terrain TGA - Basic, Part 1

Jungle Terrain TGA - Basic, Part 2

Jungle Terrain TGA - Water And Waterfalls

South Pacific TGA - Basic Part 1

South Pacific TGA - Basic Part 2

South Pacific Water - Basic

South Pacific Water - Rapids

Forest Textures (Mafia Base)

Streets of Rome - Basic TGA set

The Base - Basic TGA Set

Forest TGA Collection - Terrain 1

Forest TGA Collection - Terrain 2

Forest TGA Collection - Railroad Tracks + Fencing

Forest TGA Collection - Victorian Home

Training Simulator TGA + WAD Package

Tinpinny Tower TGA Set

Manor Textures - Part 1 of 3

Manor Textures - Part 2 of 3

Manor Textures - Part 3 of 3 (Extras and Effects)

- Projects (7627 total downloads, 0 reviews)

Original Script Files (English)

Original TR4.exe

Tibetan Foothills .PRJ

Barkhang Monastary .PRJ

Catacombs of Tailon .PRJ

Ice Palace .PRJ

Croft Manor / Home Sweet Home .PRJs

Great Wall .PRJ

Temple Of Xian .PRJ

Floating Islands .PRJ

Dragon's Lair

Offshore Rig .PRJ

Diving Area .PRJ

- (1180 total downloads, 0 reviews)

Sounds of the jungle

MP5 sounds