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Download Demo (Mirror)

- Outfits (3231 total downloads, 1 reviews)

TR1 Lara's Gym Costume

TR2 Tibet Outfit with TR4 Lara's Head

Sophia Lee

TR1 Lara

Mutant Lara

Pierre Du Pont Outfit

TRC Larson

- Objects (28970 total downloads, 13 reviews)

Set-Possessed Von Croy


Blaster Rifle

Tomb Raider 2 Gun Pack

Tomb Raider 3 PS1 Demo Rocket Launcher

Automatic Pistol

Two Von Croys


Baddy2 Mod

Larson (Unfinished)

TRC Crossbow using TR4 anims

TRC Bats (Andrea1)

Ignore this

The Iris

Tomo's TR3 T-Rex with sounds

Statue Dog

TR1 Centaur in the Demigod 2 slot

TR1 Gunpack with outfit

TR2 Grenade Launcher

TR1 Wolf

TR1 Bomb Firing Mutant

Tomb Raider Gunpack


Atlantean Bomb Launcher


EssGee's TR1 T-Rex with TR1 sounds

TR4 Bat with TR1 meshes



London Gun Man

Evil Lara Pack

3D Panther

Tomb Raider 3 Gold - Highland Fling Dog

Bloody Dog

Tomb of Qualopec Falling Ceiling

Tomb of Qualopec Mummy

TR3 Gold werewolf

TR4 Skeleton vs TR4 SAS

Tomb Raider Anniversary Bonus Weapons

No longer

Gun Flash from Star Wars Battlefront

DC-15s Standard Issue Clone Trooper Blaster Sidearm

Droid StarFighter (Small)

Droid Starfighter (Normal Sized)

Tomb Raider Unfinished Business Remake Mummies #UPDATED#

Tomb Raider Unfinished Business Remake Mutants #UPDATED#

Tomb Raider Anniversary Inspired Egypt Items

TRA Themed Weapons

Egypt Items Pack #2

Tomb Raider Anniversary Shotgun and Dual SMG

TR2 Style Grenade Launcher

Wooden Spikes


Egypt Pillars

Egypt Items Pack 1

TR1 HD Mummy Reconversion

TR1 Centaur Mutant

- Meshes (420 total downloads, 1 reviews)

Hi-res sphinx heads

- Wads (4993 total downloads, 1 reviews)

Return to Atlantis WAD

Lara's Home WAD

Return to Egypt TRUB Conversion WAD

- Textures (4255 total downloads, 3 reviews)

Star Wars Battlefront: Naboo Textures

Tomb Raider Unfinished Business Conversion - The Hive textures

Star Wars Battlefront - Bespin Textures

TRAE Based Egypt Textures

New Egypt Textures V2

TR1-Based Manor Windows

New Atlantis textures

- (6547 total downloads, 1 reviews)

Star Wars Episode 1 Phantom Menace PC Soundpack

TR1 Sounds

Medal of Honor Underground Sound pack

Star Wars Episode I Phantom Menace sounds Pack 2

Star Wars Episode I Phantom Menace sounds Pack 1

LEGO Star Wars SFX Pack I

LEGO Star Wars Sound Pack II

LEGO Indiana Jones SFX Pack 1

LEGO Indiana Jones SFX Pack 2

LEGO Indiana Jones SFX Pack 3

LEGO Indiana Jones SFX Pack 4