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Download Demo (Mirror)

- Outfits (25497 total downloads, 66 reviews)

Next Gen Masurao

FullMetal Alchemist - Idea Style

Masurao - City Outfit

Masurao - REcity

KH2: Kairi


Lara - Fetish (fixed)

Stylish City

Comic - Jungle

Comic - Jungle (Red Ver)



Zylphia- Fixed

Summer Casual

South Pacific Remake

India Remake

Tibet Remake

TR2 Wetsuit Remake

Outfit Update Pack

Nevada Remake

TR3 Home Remake

Antarctica Remake

TR3 London Remake

Classics Update Oct2010 Pt1

Classics Update Oct2010 Pt2

Nevada Full Top Version

New TR2 Classic Remakes

New TR3 Classic Remakes

New TR3 Classic Remakes - Nevada, Home


Lara - Legend

Legend: Classic

Legend: Classic- Gray


TR 2012 - Collaborative

TR2012- Before the Storm, with Equipment

Legend: ver. 2

Classic: ver. 2

Classic Gray: ver. 2

Anniversary: ver 2


Evening Ripped- Next Gen


Classics: TR2 (2012 UPDATE)

Classics: TR3 (2012 UPDATE)

Classics: TR3 Camo Set (2012 UPDATE)

Green Camo

AOD - Wetsuit

Biker - Red

Legend- Winter

Legend - Winter (Pink)

Legend - Winter (Custom: Evergreen)

A Chinese Adventure

AOD - Camo Shorts

AOD - Camo Pants

AOD - Camo Pants (Vest)

Anniversary-Classic Combo: TR4

- Objects (8441 total downloads, 6 reviews)

Small Bathroom

Demon Lion

Demoness (horseman slot version)



Crossbow and Sword

Kitchen, Bedroom, Stairs set

- (2418 total downloads, 0 reviews)

PWI SFX: Blademaster Skills

PWI SFX: Cleric Skills

PWI SFX: Mage Skills

PWI SFX: Venomancer Skills

PWI SFX: Female Voice 1

PWI SFX: Female Voice 2

PWI SFX: Female Voice 3

PWI SFX: Female Voice 4

PWI SFX: Male Voice 1

PWI SFX: Male Voice 2

PWI SFX: Male Voice 3