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Download Demo (Mirror)

- Objects (34000 total downloads, 40 reviews)

Little fish




Object pack one

Objectpack 2

ObjectPack 3

Legend plants

New Sprites

Realistic ferns

Nature package

Give Away Plant set 1

TRA Egypt palm trees

Tra Peru palm tree

Mine objects set 1

Mine objects set 2

Big Leafed Plant

Orchid Ivy

Winter Wonderland Pack 1

Croft Manor Shrub

Tropical package 1

Winter Wonderland package 2

2 Ferns and Ivy

Banana tree

Unused palms from the Nauticus

Leafy tree

Cloudy Blue Horizon

Wisteria and floating fog

Lush palm trees

Aloe pack

TROE: Plant package

Swamp tree

Bamboo set

New Crocodiles

Papyrus reed

The Anonymous Whisper object pack

Black Raptor *UPDATED*

Green Raptor *UPDATED*

Brown Raptor *UPDATED*

Red Raptor *UPDATED*


Dead trees

The Dragons

Oriental Pines

The Mystery - Forest pack

Fantasy & Tropical pack

- Meshes (613 total downloads, 1 reviews)

New Headmesh for Lara

- Wads (5461 total downloads, 5 reviews)

Thoah Stuffpackage


Unused Objects from Nauticus

TROE: Moveables pack

TROE - Temple Package

- Textures (3022 total downloads, 3 reviews)

TROE- Textures Part I of III

TROE- Textures Part II of III

TROE- Textures Part III of III

Old manor/house textures