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Download Demo (Mirror)

- Outfits (1307 total downloads, 5 reviews)

Mutant Lara

Outfit Competition Results (level)

- Objects (32008 total downloads, 56 reviews)

Mercenary 1

Mercenary 2

Mercenary 3

Lara's Home Quad Bike

Jungle Quad Bike

Nevada Quad Bike

Slinc Quad Bike

TR2 Shark

TR2 Gold Shark

Mercenary 4

Mercenary 5


Small Spider

TR1 Gorilla

Spear Xian Guard

Mr T.

Centaur Mutant v2

Skate Kid

Bus Stop

TR3 Jungle Snake

TR3 Nevada Snake

Big Spider

Flaming Skull Enemy

Electric Ghost Enemy

Von Croy AOD (Zombie)

TR1 Atlantis Boss

TR1 Cowboy

Underwater Switch

TR3 Push Switch

TR3 Push Switch

TR3 Lever Switch

TR3 Monkeys

TR3 Dog without fading

Killable mummy

TR3 Spider Boss

Smart Car v1 - White & Black

Birthday Smartcar


Static bookcase

Evil alarm clock

Lara Olympics: Hurdles


Garbage Bag

- Meshes (1724 total downloads, 6 reviews)

Guard Tower

Water Tower


- Wads (12119 total downloads, 1 reviews)


High Security Compound

Home sweet Home WAD

Race for the Iris


Temple Of Poseidon


Chambers Of Tulun

The Great Hypostyle Hall

Citadel Gate

Valley of the Kings


The Sphinx Complex

The Valley Temple

Underneath the Spinx

India Objects

Burial Chambers

- Textures (7225 total downloads, 0 reviews)

Race for the Iris



Desert Railroad

Valley of the Kings

KV5 Textures

The Great Hypostyle Hall

AOD Jeans Outfit Textures

AOD Wetsuit Textures

AOD Long Cammo Outfit Textures

AOD Short Cammo Textures

- Projects (4640 total downloads, 3 reviews)

Enemy jeep tutorial

Train Tutorial Project

Guide example project