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Download Demo (Mirror)

Rain II - Ratings
User Originality Useability Quality Textures Meshes Animations
joontje 8 10 10 10 9 -
Avarage 8 10 10 10 9 -
Total rating: 9.4
Quality rating: 9.67

Review by joontje
Originality Useability Quality Textures Meshes Animations
8 10 10 10 9 -
Another great work but........
Posted on 2004-11-04 20:56:33

Okay, it looked bad in strpix, but in the game is it very good. This was a cool object but it's not so original anymore cauze there are already some rain objects added. Original: As i said, it's not so original anymore. Quality: It was very good quality, i didn't see bugs and no holes or something. Useable: It's useable in rain levels or scary levels or home levels (outside) so it's very useable. Textures: It was very cool, but looked simple in strpix, but the transparent of the textures makes it very cool, so that's why it get's a 10. Meshes: It was very simple, but it deserves a 9, cauze u made it bigger. So anyway, good work, keep going with objects but not rain object, (this is just the best rain object). Joontje Edited by joontje
Item author's comments
Thanks for the reveiw! and don't worry this is my last rain effect, I just wanted to make one better then my old one.

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