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Download Demo (Mirror)

Ray - Ratings
User Originality Useability Quality Textures Meshes Animations
Trinity 10 10 10 9 10 -
croft-girl-fan 10 8 8 9 9 -
Avarage 10 9 9 9 9.5 -
Total rating: 9.3
Quality rating: 9.17

Review by Trinity
Originality Useability Quality Textures Meshes Animations
10 10 10 9 10 -
Posted on 2004-09-11 01:22:45

Originality: There is Brian Croft & Von Croy for this slot. But this is the first, modern guy! And he looks great! I think it's pretty original. There is only one other 'Custom' character, but this one is fully clothed. And it's the first in quite a while. Quality: From the screenshot it looks okay texture wise, and mesh's look pretty good. But when you download it and really look at it, WOW! You have got to see it yourself. The mesh's are great, no holes, just perfect! The textures are wonderful, I did'nt see any missplaced textures. Very good! Useability: This is surtenly better then Von croy, in my opinion, when it comes to useability in a city. Von Croy pretty much only works in young lara levels and the tombs. Ray can work in city levels wonderfuly, and jungels and stuff. And for a city level, he's really the only one to pick from. Good thing this one is awesome!! Textures: The pants textures are... WOW! I was'nt expecting that good of quality in textures, at least for the jeans. They could be used on Lara too. The shirt is the only thing bringing down the textures, it was pretty plan. But I mean, how detailed can black get? So I don't think it matters, but it does count for something I suppose. But the jean textures are good. And the face is really nice, too. I think it looks better then all of the guys on the SE so far! Meshes: Good! Very, very good!! The pants are pretty baggy seeing them seprately, in StripX, but in-game it fits perfectly. Things look exagerated in StipX sense you can't copare them to the rest of the character in-game. The head mesh great, very detailed. Everything fit well and was awesome! Great job!!!!!

Review by croft-girl-fan
Originality Useability Quality Textures Meshes Animations
10 8 8 9 9 -
He looks GREAT!!!!!
Posted on 2004-09-11 10:53:31

Ray looks so cool! The textures and meshes all fit o well together and he is the best "friend" I've ever seen in the LE. The meshes are good and the usability is quite high, but I don't think he'd fit too well in a tomb . But other than that he looks really good, almost an exact replica of the movie version! Well, Trintiy said most of the other stuff and I don't want to repeat it all but I agree with everything she says 100%! Thanks for making him!

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