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Download Demo (Mirror)

Better Sprites - Ratings
User Originality Useability Quality Textures Meshes Animations
MrNiceGuy 10 10 8 9 - -
Avarage 10 10 8 9 - -
Total rating: 9.25
Quality rating: 8.5

Review by MrNiceGuy
Originality Useability Quality Textures Meshes Animations
10 10 8 9 - -
Wow! Just one problem though...
Posted on 2004-08-27 15:11:32

Wow! And I say wow! Being the currect sprite hot-shot, I figured I had to check these out, the picture looked really promising! And this could have been the best sprites ever, if it weren't for the fact that... the sprites have been messed up somehow, the original sprites have got black stripes all over them, making them look glitchy in-game. This is a real setback, but thank goodness we can export the yummy new sprites and leave the horrible ones alone! So, let's look at the goodies themselves, individually! The water sprite: this is THE feature of this pack! These look amazingly realistic, and they work great on the surface, always look 100% authentic! But it has a minor glitch, a small area at the bottom with strange colours on it. This causes a white stripe to appear at one side of the sprite in-game, but since they are transparent, it's not much of a problem, besides, any person can apply black textures there instead to fix it. Best sprite in the pack. Shiny sprite: Ugh... This is a tough nut. The problem with this sprite is that, though it works great with smaller objects, on big objects it stretches and bends so much is looks horrible... I tested it on my Assasin's catsuit, and the results weren't very pleasing. Still, if you don't have large objects with shining on them in your level, this can be used, but overall I suggest you stick with the original shiny sprite. One more problem is that it appears in the LENS_FLARE, and has choppy edges there, but that's inevitable with special shiny sprites, so it won't affect the rating. The sun sprite: This is the second best sprite in the pack. I'm glad SV also noticed the original sprite 32 has choppy edges, and this new one looks very good, and improves the quality of the LENS_FLARE in any level! This one should be used without the shiny sprite from the same pack though, or else the shiny one will cover it, and you won't see the beauty of the colour changes in the sun sprite... Overall: This is 2/3 quality work, and I would recommend the sun and water sprite to anybody making a half-decent level or better. The sad ting about sprites is that they may be hard-coded to several objects, so if you change one you can count on another getting ruined. But the water and sun sprites are only used by one object/effect each, so these should be used! You've done a great job on these sprites, SV, and only the fact that many of the DEFAULT_SPRITES have got messed up in some way is the big set-back of this sprite pack. Edited by MrNiceGuy

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