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To make the site understandable for people, we have some guidelines for editing. This should keep the site organized. For each kind of page we have, there might be additional guidelines. If you don't know how a wiki works and want to try, please use the Test zone and not an article.


Guidelines for all pages

Try to keep the text easy to read. Avoid having very long sentences and paragraphs. Try to use the correct punctuation, and the correct spelling. Since everybody here has English as their main language, a few spelling mistakes isn't a crime. This is a community project, people who are good in English can update the text with the correct spelling and punctuation. If you think your can't write it in english, or are not sure where to place it, use the discussion page to share your information.

External links

External links can be added to the article, but only if they add extra value to the page. The TRLE Wiki is not a link site, usefull information should be in the page itself. External links are mainly to point to downloadable tools or examples that are related to the page.

Discussion page

The discussion page is used for asking questions, sharing ideas and other stuff that should not go into the page itself. If you start a new subject in the discussion page, please put add it at the bottom with a new caption. A caption is made with the code == Caption == (replace Caption with the subject of the conversation). After your message, sign it with your username and timestamp using the code ~~~~.

When you reply to someone on the discussion page, place your comment directly under his post. To make it clear you are replying to his post, you can use colon (:) in front of your message. This will make your conversation appear with a small white space on the left. Multiple colons will make it move even more to the right.

Object page

For pages that describe a specific object slot, please use the full name of the object. If another article with the same name exists, use (object) behind the name. Objects must be placed in the category Objects by placing the following code at the bottom: [[Category:Objects]]. For the basic information about the object, you can use the template Objects on the page. The first paragraph of the article should be a short introduction to the object. After the introduction, the details about the object should be places, each with it's own heading. The following blocks can be used if needed for this object. To make the object articles easy to read, please keep the order of the blocks like this one for all articles:

Movement This section should explain the movement of the object. Things that are explained here are on which terrain the object moves (land, water, air), how high it can climb, his jumping ability, weapons and attack moves.
AI The AI of the object, this is mainly about if and how this object works with AI objects like AI_FOLLOW, AI_PATROL. Also the behaviour of the object will go here, like if he will attack, when and who.
OCB Codes A list of OCB codes that can be used on this object and what they do.
Other uses If the object can be used for other things using custom animations or a patch, details about the other use. If this is to complicated, then it should go into a new article.
Related objects Links to objects that are related with this one, and their relationship. For example objects that depend on each other, or objects that are nearly the same.
More information Links to manuals and tutorials about this object
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