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The Poseidon trident puzzle was found in the Temple of Poseidon level. It included 4 tridents that had to be placed on statues to make the water flow to a pool. Once all 4 tridents were in place, the pool would fill with water, allowing Lara to continue to the rest of the level.

[edit] Objects

The puzzle itself just needs the PUZZLE_ITEM1, PUZZLE_HOLE1 and PUZZLE_DONE1 object from the Temple of Poseidon level. For the visual effects of the flowing water, the WATERFALL1-3 are used.

[edit] Setup

The puzzle can be made with at least 1 and no more then 5 statues. When more then 1 statue is used, the statues have to be placed outside the room with the final pool. Place all the PUZZLE_HOLE1 objects with -423 in the OCB in the map. Make a stream where the water will flow between the statue pool. Leave the stream empty, and create a flipmap room that will fill it with water. Use any of the three WATERFALL objects if needed, put 777 in the OCB of the waterfall to turn on the sound. Trigger the flipmap and the waterfalls for each stream under the statue that should enable that stream. Make sure each flipmap has it's own unique number. Finally, make sure the final pool is empty in the normal room, and in the flipped room filled with water. Also give this room a unique flipmap id. This flipmap has to be activated once all tridents have ben placed on the statues. To do that, you will need to use Code bits. However, you cannot stack special triggers, so you cannot trigger this with each statue. Instead, you should use a normal trigger for this flipmap, placed in the flipped rooms with each stream of water. Triggers placed in flipped rooms only work once the room has been flipped. So after each trident is placed on the statue, make sure Lara has to cross the trigger, which activates 1 or more of the codebits for the final flipmap.

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