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The Senet game was originally used in the TR4 Tomb Of Semerkhet level. Depending on if you win or lose the game, you had to follow a different route through the rest of the level.


[edit] Game rules

The objective of the game is to get all your 3 pieces to the end of the game board. Before you move, you spin the WHEEL_OF_FORTUNE. The number of white sides that are shown is your score:

0 A piece may be moved 6 blocks, and you get another turn.
1 A piece may be moved 1 block.
2 A piece may be moved 2 blocks.
3 A piece may be moved 3 blocks.
4 A piece may be moved 4 blocks.

All pieces move in the same way. Your pieces are standing in different positions, but once you start the game, they will all begin in the same place. The full movement is shown in the following image:

You must move one of your pieces this exact number of blocks forward. You cannot move the pieces backwards, neither you can skip your turn, unless you cannot move a single of your pieces. Each block can only have 1 piece on it, if you land on a block where a piece of the other player is, it will go back to the beginning. If the piece ends on one of the special blocks, you get another turn, as well as when the WHEEL_OF_FORTUNE shows 4 black sides.

When a piece reaches the last block, it will disappear from the board. Since the last block is also a special block, you will also get another turn in that case. When a player has all his pieces off the board, he will win the game, and the game will immediately end.

[edit] Setup

The game has a hardcoded layout. The layout is shown on the left. All blue blocks are part of the game. The purple blocks are special blocks in the game, they will give the player another turn when his piece ends there. The final purple block on the right is the finish, when the piece reaches this place it is taken off the board.

The 6 coloured squares on the left are the position of the game pieces. The red one is GAME_PIECE1, green is GAME_PIECE2 and blue is GAME_PIECE3. The 3 red ones are all the ENEMY_PIECE. The number is the value you must enter in the OCB of the object.

[edit] Moving the pieces

The movement is hardcoded, it hardly requires any setup. It needs 3 triggers, 1 for each GAME_PIECE object, and the WHEEL_OF_FORTUNE object. The WHEEL_OF_FORTUNE does not need a trigger, it is hardcoded. The game_pieces each need a trigger, and the player should be able to choice which one to trigger. Best is to use PAD triggers for this, on 3 different sectors, who are marked with the color of the piece. These triggers do nothing if the player is not allowed to move that piece, so it won't harm if they are in a place Lara needs to walk before or after the game.

The enemy pieces are moved automatic, when the player has finished his turn, the enemy will roll the WHEEL_OF_FORTUNE , and move his pieces. If the enemy is finished with his turn (which is normally after 1 move, but as explained before, you can get extra turns), you can roll the WHEEL_OF_FORTUNE again. When it is not your turn, the wheel will not work, and neither will the triggers.

[edit] End of the game

When one of the player has all his pieces to the finish, the game ends. If the player has won, the engine will then raise the RAISING_BLOCK2 objects in the rooms 0 and 19. If the computer won, all the TRAPDOOR1 objects in the rooms 20, 21, 22 and 81 are opened.

  • IMPORTANT: The effect is hardcoded. If the rooms listed above do not exist, the game might crash. Also objects in other rooms are not activated.
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