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Slot 174
Type Puzzle

The element puzzle was used in the TR4 The Mastabas level. It contains 3 scales where you have to place the elements water, fire and earth, for the next door to open.


[edit] Setup

The puzzle is made using 4 ELEMENT_PUZZLE objects and 4 HEAVYSWITCH triggers. First of all, place 1 ELEMENT_PUZZLE with OCB 3 somewhere in the room. It will be invisible, so you can put it anywhere. Below this object, put a HEAVYSWITCH trigger for the door you want to be triggered when the puzzle is completed. This is the dummy element puzzle, with a hardcoded effect.

[edit] Water element

For the water element puzzle, put 0 in the OCB of the ELEMENT_PUZZLE. Also enable the first codebit in the OCB. Below it, put a HEAVYSWITCH trigger for the OCB 3 element puzzle. In the trigger, check the first codebit and uncheck the rest.

[edit] Fire element

For the fire element, put 1 in the OCB of the ELEMENT_PUZZLE. Also enable the second codebit in the OCB. Below it, put a HEAVYSWITCH for the dummy element puzzle with again the second codebit checked and the rest unchecked. Also make sure the PICKUP2 object is defined correctly in the script:

  • Pickup=2,Jerrycan, $0015,$0500,$4000,$f000,$0000,$4002

[edit] Earth element

For the earth element, put 2 in the OCB of the ELEMENT_PUZZLE and check the codebit buttons 3, 4 and 5. In the HEAVYSWITCH trigger below it (again for the dummy element puzzle), also check the codebits 3, 4 and 5 and uncheck 1 and 2. In the script define the PICKUP1 object:

  • Pickup=1,Bag of Sand, $0000,$0400,$0000,$2000,$1000,$8002

[edit] Solving

To solve the object, there has to be some elements available.

[edit] Water

To insert water Lara needs a filled WATERSKIN. The waterskin must be available in the level, as well as water where she can fill it.

[edit] Fire

For the fire puzzle, Lara needs a jerrycan with fuel, and a burning torch. The jerrycan is in the PICKUP2 slot. The torch is the BURNING_TORCH item, which must be lit using a flame before it can be used. Make sure Lara can get and light the torch in this room.

[edit] Earth

To insert earth Lara has to use the bag of sand object, which is located in the PICKUP1 slot.

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