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TRLE Search Engine Rules
In order to keep the site nice and clean, we have some rules. Please keep these rules in mind.

Your account
- You may only have 1 account on the site.
- You must provide a valid email address in your profile.
In your profile you can add your homepage address. These sites are placed in our site database. Here are the rules for the site database:
- Sites with pornographic pictures on it (including any nude raider stuff) are not allowed.
- Sites with warez on it are not allowed.
The following rules apply to the forum, in private messages and in the chatroom. They apply to both your postings and to links you post. Links to sites that do not fit in these rules are not allowed.
- No abusive language may be used in your posts.
- No screaming. By screaming we mean posts fully in UPPERCASE.
- No attacks on members. You may not attack other members personally for whatever reason.
- No sexual remarks are allowed. We have people of all ages here, keep that in mind
You can have a signature that is shown on all of your forum posts. Big signatures can cause the forum to be unreadable, so keep these rules:
- Your signature may not contain images larger then 500x150 with no more then 50Kb of size.
- Your signature may only contain 3 lines of text.
After you registrated, you can add items to the database. For adding items there are the following rules:
- Your item may not included any Pornographic materials. This included anything related to nude raider.
- If you use textures or meshes not yours you must give credit.
- You may not add items from other people to the database.
- If you upload a screenshot, it must be in jpeg format. Images that are to big are resized.
- Screenshots must be original screenshots either made in trle or in a editing tool. You may not edit the screenshot to make the object look better, except for brightness adjustment if it is to light or dark.
- With your account you are allowed to review items in the database. You may only review items by other people and no more then 1 review per item.
- You may not post spam reviews. Spam reviews are reviews simply made to rate an object very high or just very low and do not give any constructive comments.

If you break any of these rules, out staff is be able to change or remove your account and items. Administrators have the power to ban your account. All actions taken by you or our staff is logged. If you think a staff member did anything wrong with your account, contact one of our administrators and they will forward you to the staff member who token the actions.
The chatroom is guarded by operators (marked with %), administrators (marked with @) and by ChatBot. They have the power to kick or ban you from the chat.
There is a special administrator on the site called ChatBot. He will monitor all your messages for offensive language, flood and spam. He is be able to block your messages and report offense to the admins. Even if you don't see him, he might be hiding and the only way to escape his power is to respect our rules.
Maybe the most important rule: enjoy and have fun! The site was designed to collect all resources level builders need, but we can't do it without your help. So please submit anything that will be usefull.
The rules can change at any time, so check them regulary.

Do you agree with these rules?